Painted Man


Artist Information

Painted Man (formed by American guitarist and songwriter Vince Peeples) is a band that plays a soulful mix of dance, rock and funk. The bands new CD "Canvas of Love & Life" could be described as an an extension of the various influences and styles that have shaped Vince's guitar playing.

Lead vocalist William Bostic brings his ability to sing different musical styles with an exciting and fiery delivery to the bands genre crossing tunes. Keyboardist Al Montgomery's gospel/r&b roots permeate the tunes on "Canvas" with a mix of old and new school soundscapes. Finally the glue that holds it all together, bassist Brett Sisson and drummer Curtis Mcfadden. This rhythm section has mastered the art of the groove. The Paintedman sound has been forged from performing live shows throughout the Carolinas and southeast US. This is quite evident on the bands fourth release.